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Welcome and congratulations for taking a closer look at Pure Profit Pro (PPP) and at the special offerings of our PPP MAGIC VIP Team. PPP is a powerful direct sales offering that will put up to $1,000 in your pocket for each sale you make. As part of this exclusive team, you’ll have access to our fully automated MAGIC Marketing system driven by the $50,000 Funnel that will make sales for you 24/7!

This doesn’t mean you just sit back and do nothing. But what it does mean is that you only need to do a couple of simple things to help ensure your success.

What are these two things? Well, the first is really simple and requires a few minutes of time a day. You need to STAY ENGAGED. In other words, pay attention to your business. Read the updates, understand the business model and compensation plan, and pour through the resources in your Private Members Area back office.

Next, you need to advertise. This task may seem a bit daunting. You may be thinking that you have no database. That you don’t know where to advertise. That you don’t know how to write effective ad copy.

Don’t worry about this… as you’ll see when you click on The Details tab, we have that covered for you!

And finally, you don’t even have to close your sales. We do that for you! (Read about this under The Details tab!).

This is just a brief introduction to what we can do for you. Rest assured, you will have all the support, training, and resources available to accomplish your goals. Please go through the site to learn more.

We look forward to locking arms and creating MAGIC with you in this exciting venture.

The saying, The Devil is in The Details, is especially true when you’re building a successful business. With that said, our fully automated MAGIC $50k Funnel System has all your details covered, from advertising to closing sales and all things in between!


~Our National Advertising Co-op, will feature print ads in publications targeting home business opportunity seekers and business professionals alike. This is pricey advertising, but with very affordable access to our co-op, you will be able to participate.

~Our Special Alliance with a high-converting text broadcast service offers you the ability to very affordably put your PPP business in front of thousands of hungry business opportunity buyers.

~And finally, our Call Back Request feature will put your prospects directly in touch with one of our trained CBR representatives, who will get back to them within hours to answer their questions and ultimately close the sale… FOR YOU.

Can you say FULL SERVICE? We can… and we call that MAGIC.

Propel your income with our MAGIC $50k Funnel System! With as few as 2 personal sales a month, you can actually pocket more than $50,000 a year. And of course, your income potential is limitless. That’s what MAGIC (Make A Grand In Commissions) System is all about!

The most popular level by far that people choose when joining our PPP team is the $1k level. When you sell that level, you put $1,000 in your pocket! Over and over again. Our $50k MAGIC FUNNEL System makes duplication a breeze! And all of your personals will also be able to use this system. What does that mean to you? Duplication! And what does duplication do for you you? It will generate $1,000 1-Up sales for you!


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